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Exchanges with Scholars


Having published both volumes of my work on the Bible on this website I now wish to discuss their interlocking theses with anyone interested and especially with academics whose work I have challenged.

In setting up the following exchanges I am very aware that some scholars may choose not to take up the gauntlet feeling either that I am imposing on them or that my arguments are not worth noticing. However, I feel it only right to leave my challenges on the table so that everyone who comes on this website can draw their own conclusions.


My first volume, Light Denied, deals with the biblical tradition’s strategy for world transformation.

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Light Denied Exchanges

My second volume, God of the Marginals, deals with the ideology underlying this strategy, with the basic worldview or perspective that I believe makes sense of the Bible as a whole.

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God of the Marginals Exchanges

All of the exchanges found on this website revolve around my central god-of-the-marginals thesis.

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The God-of-the-Marginals Thesis
Briefly explained

We are involved here with an ongoing process which means that there have been a number of exchanges which started after the above works were completed. 

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Ongoing Exchanges